Friday, July 27, 2012

Someone Else's Summer

Someone Else's Summer - Single, Kiss A Toad

Proud to introduce our latest collaboration with the Fabulous Jade Redd, I love this song, it has a different feel than our other songs, there's a sense of playfulness to it that captures quickly, head over to iTunes for your copy (also available amazon etc. . . )

Monday, July 23, 2012

Get them dancing shoes

Fantastic Groovy song by Parov Stelar who marries old school swing, pop etc. to contemporary modern sounds is well know around the globe and has plenty of soundtrack and jingles to his credit

Cleo Panther is a new one for me, never heard of her and can't seem to find much info about her, but she definitely has awesome style and tone

try to stop your hips from moving while listening to this one


Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Star rising in Turkey

A little belated but, music out of Turkey is always late to the scene, but there is plenty of talent there

Here's the new star out there "Aynur Aydin" (wikipedia in Turkish) great singer with a lot of character and style to her singing, teamed up with Tony Nilsson the accomplished Swedish songwriter gets you this catchy tune, kind of Stevie Nicks-ish despite the fact that their voices are completely different

Worth mentioning is that her fans are thinking she will be in Eurovision 2013 Sweden with this one, which is highly doubtful as one of the rules is the song presented has to be new and this was written in 2011


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Emma Hewitt - Miss you Pradaise

Burn the Sky Down (Bonus Track Version), Emma Hewitt

My New fave, Emma Hewitt just recently released her debut album, she has worked with a few DJ's across Europe for the past few years and garnered a healthy following for her amazing voice and atmospheric singing

Basically if you are a fan of Jade Redd, Tori Amos or even Sarah McLachlan you are going to love this album, get yours at iTunes